Call It Paradise
By Victoria_Brooks
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Kathy is vacationing in Antigua, a tiny island in the Caribbean she visits every year with her family. While taking a walk to the beach, she stumbles upon Simon, a man she's never seen around before. As he is tending to his sailboat, they catch each other's eye. Curiosity is sparked and when they finally meet, he offers to take her out sailing. The rest is history as they fall quickly and passionately in love. But it's not that easy for Kathy. She's already got a boyfriend, though she wishes she didn't. Plus, her family isn't happy about her seeing Simon and instead want her to marry rich and well, continuing on the large family corporation in the big city. Will Kathy allow her family to dictate her love life and ultimately, her future or will she choose the man of her dreams? ----- A Simon Le Bon (or Simon Le Boat, if you will) fanfiction. Simon Le Bon is the lead singer of Duran Duran. If you like light, fluffy, feel-good romance with a beautiful backdrop, this is the story for you.

Chapter One

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