Persephone Jackson...
By Andrea329471
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What if the people you trust and love the most betray you? Persephone Jackson had to go through that situation but she returned to the world where she belongs and from a world that she did not have to leave. Arriving at Howgarts was a new life, a new opportunity for Percy, but what if the people who love the most and who hate the most come back and wake up to their worst nightmare. Yep, they come to Howgarts at the request of the Moiras to read the life of the Greatest Heroine of Olympus. Will Percy forgive them? After what they did to him? Will he return to his old love or give the new love a chance? If you want to know what awaited Percy Jackson read this story you will love it. Spanish version available ☑️ Ranking #2 🥈 in Apolo 31/3/2021 Ranking #54 in Ares 31/3/2021

-ACT ONE: "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief."

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by Andrea329471