My Responsibility (...
By EnglishIsDumb
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Season Two: Broken Bonds After the defeat of Sentinel, the nation returns to normal. However, this event has caused South Korea to think about it's own self-defense against enhanced individuals. Knowing that people like Sentinel and Spider-Man exists in their country, the government needs to figure out their own methods to deal with enhanced dangerous individuals. Meanwhile, Shinji finds himself donning the suit more often like he has never left Toronto. With his increase of appearances, the media and public have gone into an excited frenzy. Within only a week, South Korea's Spider-Man has gone viral in countries all over East, South East Asia and Oceania. Despite all the positives for Spider-Man, the man under the mask finds himself in difficult situations. With him becoming Spider-Man once again, he will struggle to balance his hero-life once more with everything else. Work, family, friends, and the most foreign thing to him of all; love. Needless to say Shinji was scared. He has seen what being Spider-Man has led to, the consequences... The broken bonds. Highest Rankings: #1 in jypent 2021/05/29 #1 in tzuyu 2021/11/13 #3 leejieun 2021/06/25 #3 mina 2021/06/27 #3 itzy 2021/08/09 #3 izone 2021/08/09 #2 jihyo 2021/09/26 #3 redvelvet 2021/10/17

Prologue: Shinji Park

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My Respon...
by EnglishIsDumb