Ascension Theorem D...
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[ Edited Unofficial Book Cover ] Dear Reader, Please Read the Following; ; THIS IS F-A-N-E-D-I-T-E-D-M-T-L / FAN EDITED MTL ; BEWARE OF MISTAKES IN ENGLISH, GRAMMAR AND PHRASES! ; FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY ; THE BOOK IS ONLY OWNED BY THE AUTHORS AND PUBLISHER. ■■■■ [ SHOU MC - ENTERTAINMENT - ABO - MALE WIFE - SAME-SX-MARRIAGE - MPREG/CHILDREN - HE - 1V1 - NO ABUSED- SWEET PET - GOOD GENTLE COLD ATTACK ] Author: Not Falling / Do not fall from the Sky Status: Finished Last update: July 14, 2020 Latest Chapter: Chapter 52 □□□□ My left-handed husband has a right-handed career. When I choose a career, Boom, love is coming; Boom, cubs are coming. What is scarier than love after marriage? Is to be pregnant before falling in love. What is more terrifying than getting pregnant? After I became pregnant, I ushered in the second spring of my career. Since the beginning, the cause of love both soaring. - A career out without the knowledge of his husband, and finally the cause of love Flying liters of AO having children literature fake really gentle choke ambitious Super Omega x false idol by romantic wife really attack Alpha Master Soaring Theorem 1︰ After the protagonist Fang Zhiyao became pregnant, under the influence of Omega pheromone during conception, the marriage relationship with Alpha husband Zhou Chonglin improved by leaps and bounds. The two finally broke through the deadlock between long-term face and discord and realized spiritual communication. Ascension Theorem 2 : After the news of the hidden marriage and pregnancy of the popular idol Fang Zhiyao was exposed, passers-by were amazed by Fang Zhiyao's hard work and sincerity, and entered the pit one after another; Fang Zhiyao also frequently refreshed his favorability with the blessing of various excellent works, and became a real one Idol ceiling.


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