Plane Of Euthymia (...
By yuuji_shiro
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The Narukami Ogosho or the people of Inazuma known as Raiden Shogun as their God and protector, after the vision hunt decree end, Her highness Raiden Shogun decided to take a rest for awhile. But it seems like fate wants to play with the God of Eternity, they send her off to a different dimension where magic is a normal thing. What will Her Highness react to that? Will she be able to find a way back home? Or will she decide to stay? "Seize him under the blacklist, next time I will strike twice" (All art that is used in this story didn't belong to me, it belong to it's owner if you happen to know the artist please do tell me!) Twisted Wonderland belongs to Aniplex, Walt Disney Japan, and Yana Toboso.

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Plane Of...
by yuuji_shiro