Promise Me to Pleas...
By SweetCosette
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Rya McCoy had it all.... except a good sex life. College was supposed to be the most exciting time of your life, but for Rya, she deemed it as the most important. The stress of her degree and being the best took over her world until she found herself in another. She didn't mean to waltz into a BDSM club, just as much as she didn't mean to get the ride of her life from her long-time arch nemesis, Christopher Knowles, but she did. And she couldn't help but crave for more. Two enemies. One deal. But a single promise: no one falls in love. _____ B O O K 2 O F T H E P L E A S E M E S E R I E S : 1 - Teach Me to Please 2 - Promise Me to Please _____ W A R N I N G T H I S S T O R Y C O N T A I N S : ❤︎ sexual/mature content ❤︎ explicit language ❤︎ alcohol consumption ❤︎ mild violence ❤︎ BDSM _____ H I G H E S T R A N K I N G S : 1 #enemies 1 #oppositesattract 2 #enemieswithbenefits 2 #goldengirl 2 #secretadmirer 3 #goldenboy _____ S T A R T E D - 14/04/2022 C O M P L E T E D - ? ? ?


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Promise M...
by SweetCosette