Assault With a Dead...
By flickrsunflwr28
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The head and the heart, an exhausted rivalry of human psychology. When forced with a choice between logic and emotion, a person is sure to crumble beneath the weight of their own conscience. - Ophelia "Philly" Carter is in Manhattan and she's lost everything. She has no family, she has no money, and she has no friends. All that she has left is her dream and her brain, but to her, that's all that really matters anyway. After starting her dream job as a detective at the 17th precinct, Philly realizes that her dream may be harder to achieve than she originally planned. There's an obstacle in her way, and his name is Niall Horan. He's a genius, a good detective, and above all, Philly's main competition. When Philly stumbles across a major case that could possibly be more than she bargained for, she has to ask herself whether she should lead with her head, or her heart. It's a question she's never been able to answer. - Ot5 story Mature content Violence/Death

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Assault W...
by flickrsunflwr28