The Fearful Prince...
By MolMcN
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Ever since the day Prince Zuko was born, he had a path laid out before him. He was groomed to become the future leader of the Fire Nation. He was taught to be strong, brave, fearless, and so much more. However, plans change. Ever since the Agni Kai, Zuko has been wary of people who could cause him pain. The fearless prince was gone and left a scared child in his place. He normally hid his fears well, but sometimes they got the best of him. Zuko and Sokka have just returned from the Boiling Rock, but Hakoda notices that something is wrong with their new ally. The gang finds out more about Zuko's past, and it brings them all closer together. (I don't own cover)

Chapter 1

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The Fearf...
by MolMcN