Lost & Found
By EssTheScribbler
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[Complete] I have been here before. This is my place. This is our place. Was our place. I come here to be alone; to think, to remember. Although I am alone here, I don't feel alone. The memories dance in my mind and my heart so profoundly they have a presence; have heartbeats of their own. They are real. They are with me. I feel their warmth. Like the last hour of an August day shining upon my closed eyelids. Hues of red, orange, and yellow playing patterns for my closed eyes to see. The patterns twist and tumble, explode and implode as I watch their kaleidoscope dance. Sometimes, you must close your eyes to see clearly. # 909 paranormal out of 77.1K stories # 49 lake out of 3.9K stories # 384 adult out of 29.4K stories # 139 woods out of 10.3K stories # 802 power out of 41K stories

Part 1

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Lost &...
by EssTheScribbler