The Phantom Queen |...
By reversereverie
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~English~ Valkyrie of the Scarred Moon found herself easily entrance with her human mate, Sage. Yet she is doubting to claim her as hers forever fearing that she is going to be caught up in their world of violence. The unending cycle of war between the Triad which started eight hundred years ago has continued to brew towards another phase of endless death. Their enemies, the Phantom, started to create a hybrid army, targeting human lives as sacrifices for their supremacy. Along with her pack, they must survive to protect their loved ones from the danger coming to rip their lives apart. Sage Reese Sullivan is just an aspiring landscape photographer who just wants to explore the world once she finishes high school. But she seems unaware of the mysterious realm of the place she's born into until she met the beautiful woman with a pair of bluest eyes. She is certain that there's more outside her dreary town and yet she has these strange impulses to rather stay inside the eccentric presence of Valkyrie Irvine, the new pretty face of Storm Hill. .......

The Phantom Queen

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The Phant...
by reversereverie