One Of Them Dies In...
By lovek10
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Y/n L/n was born and diagnosed at age 8 with a very rare disease called HanaHowery. (Fake disease that I made up in an old story that I deleted... anyway) Her condition was so rare that they couldn't identify it for 8 years. Her moms pregnancy with her went smoothly but when she was born that's when they found out something was wrong. Because of Y/n's disease she lives her life to the fullest. HanaHowery is fatal and everyday Y/n defy's her odds of life, they don't know how long she has. Y/n is an only child but she met Lin-Manuel Miranda at age 10 and Jonathan Groff at 11 and they became like her brothers. When Y/n gets the part as Angelica Schuyler understudy in "Hamilton" which is Lin's musical. She meets Daveed Diggs and changes his life for the better. Toward the end of the story a tragic event strikes..... and... that's all you know for now.

Baby blue

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One Of Th...
by lovek10