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By Taekooktrash_tk
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"I'm not a hero with a cape, I'm a Devil with horns Hun", Taehyung smirked. It just took one glance, only one. His doe soft yet scared eyes locked with mine. Him being on my mercy as I saw his lower lip quivering with fear. Oh how I wish to take it between my own and suck his soul out. Well who said I won't do that, he smirked as the thought came to his mind. ------------- Kim Taehyung, the CEO of Gucci who happened to be a Vampire Lord find himself a so not normal human toy for his pleasure. What will happen when his mantra of "Predators never fall in love" mock back at him?? ⚠️ Not suitable for underage readers ⚠️ Reach 1k read: 16th April, 2021 (3rd chapter) Reached 50k read: 16th May, 2024 (17th chapter)

Teaser + Character Introduction

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Tamed | V...
by Taekooktrash_tk