Dern (h.s)
By kxnblaze
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"She was playing with her hands, looking down, clearly intimidated by me." "Which was a good sign; she should be intimidated." // Klaus Everlie is just a ninteen-year-old intern, receiving a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ditch her former, tiresome life and work in one of the most prestigious hospitals of London. She was absolutely ecstatic and was determined to create an identity for herself in the world. But an ominous excursion to the ER says otherwise for Klaus' destiny. She was an impertinent little thing, but will her meddling ultimately end up paying the price? // This novel is a work of fiction. If murder, mental health issues, blood or other mature themes make you feel uncomfortable -this book isn't your cup of tea. This is all the warning I can possibly offer as of now, enjoy your journey. * HIGHEST RANKINGS * #2 IN ALT #112 IN BAND #26 IN NIALL HORAN #136 IN HARRY STYLES #70 IN BAND #557 IN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE #561 IN GIRL DARK HARRY//ONE DIRECTION//TWISTED LOVE STORY//DERN


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Dern (h.s)
by kxnblaze