Into the Labyrinth...
By salty_mermaid
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A crossover between the Harry Potter universe and Labyrinth Hermione and Ginny are best friends, living together as roommates. After coming to the realization that the two girls are currently stuck in a rut in their lives, Ginny jokingly wishes that a set of goblin kings could kidnap them to make their lives more interesting. When her wish is fulfilled, however, the girls realize that they got more than they bargained for, and in order to get back home they must solve a labyrinth together. Draco and Blaise are intent on making sure the girls do not complete their mission, and do everything in their power to throw the girls off. As the girls go through many obstacles they must confront their own feelings, and continue to remember that nothing is what it seems.... All characters belong to JK Rowling and the Jim Henson company

Ch. 1

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Into the...
by salty_mermaid