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By softjinri
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The snow fell silently in the darkness, the pitch black hue lit only by the streetlights and apartment windows. Partygoers stumbled in and out of clubs, complaining about the weather, kicking piles of snow at each other, drinks in hand. The whisper of the breeze shifted people's hair, the cold Brooklyn street warm with nightlife. No one paid attention to the girl in the shadows, the one eyeing her target. Gun in hand, she clicked the safety off. Her mission was not to kill, but to capture. Though, she was allowed to seriously injure. Mercury. The infamous Hydra Assassin, known only by her alias. Nobody knew who she really was, and most did not believe she existed. A ghost story. An assassin. Her eyes trained on the target. She raised the gun, took aim. Finger on trigger. 3. 2. 1. • • • All rights belong to Marvel, with the exception of Lorena Lysle/Mercury, Lucas Lysle, Lynda Roman, Ivan Petrov, Sasha Irnova and the plot line of this story.

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by softjinri