Rubber Band - The H...
By beaschirmer
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • angels
  • clairvoyant
  • killing
  • manchester
  • mysterious
  • noir
  • nordic
  • northern
  • poison


In human psychology The HemiHelix Effect is the individual’s realisation that one has the ability to double back on oneself, whatever the circumstances. Lukas Novak’s life has just taken a turn for the worst. His wife wants a divorce and Lukas has had enough of being the underdog. He promises himself to start over. There is just the matter of the death of his old family friend Tibor, and his funeral to be taken care of. But all is not what it seems at Fairhaven care home, Tibor’s last residence. With ten deaths in just as many weeks, superstitious inmate O’Daniel smells a rat. Lukas asks questions but is sidetracked by Fairhaven’s mysterious councillor Eda Enigma, who believes in the transference of spirits. Desperatly seeking resolution in his own life and curious about her methods at Fairhaven Lukas enlists for counselling. Days later his research into a mysterious book with a call to invite his “Guardian Angel” into his life stretches Lukas’s own sanity to its edge.

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Rubber Ba...
by beaschirmer