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[18+] "I will incinerate you, tesoro," he whispers across my lips, his breath like honey; succulent, sweet, fucking addictive. "Do it," I breathe, closing my eyes, heat collecting in my stomach, coursing through my needy veins, igniting a dormant desire that's screaming to be let out. "I dare you." "Be careful what you wish for," he hums, his hand grazing along my exposed midsection, so light, so delicate, so agonizingly slow. "Everything I touch turns to ash." *** Kiara Payne can speak seven languages, not that it matters because, without a formal education, the only job she can land is at a boutique bank outside of Manchester, working as a teller. After foiling a robbery on her first day, Kiara's thrust into a world of guns, drugs, and violence; her life resting in the hands of Emilio Di Vaio, an Italian Mafia boss. In exchange for her safety, Kiara agrees to serve as Milo's translator, accompanying him across Europe as he tries to clean up the mess his late brother left behind and save the reputation of the Di Vaio crime family. Cold, ruthless, and sinfully beautiful, Milo is hard to resist but even harder to love. As tensions rise and secrets are spilled, Milo and Kiara fight for survival in a world that left them broken. Does love outweigh loyalty? And if so, is it worth dying for? Highest Rankingsđź–¤ #1 in Slowburn #1 in Adult #1 in Twisted Romance #1 in Mafia Romance #1 in New Adult Romance #2 in After Dark #2 in Sexy #2 in Chick Lit #3 in New Adult


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