Seeking Escape
By StellarStellaLeigh
  • Romance
  • friendswithbenefits
  • healing
  • labels
  • lifestyle
  • love
  • meaningful
  • pornstar
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  • therapeutic
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*** Completed Story *** Quinn had plans to be a male model, but difficulty breaking into the industry and an agent's poor judgment landed him in a different industry for showcasing his "raw talents." Finding fame as a male pornstar, he is living the lifestyle, which is fun in the beginning. Until he starts to feel like he's missing any real substance in his life. Joyce has been recovering from the trauma of her past, seeing a sex therapist for over a year in an effort to reclaim her body and her desire. She has sorted through the mental baggage, reprogrammed her negative self-talk, and is slowly working through the behavioral components, trying desperately to get herself back to a place where she can have a healthy relationship again. A therapeutic activity accidentally results in Quinn and Joyce crossing paths. Do they have something they can offer one another to free them from their personal sexual limitations? (C) Copyright 2021 - Stella Leigh. The author reserves all intellectual property and moral rights over this work. Violations, including copying or adapting characters or plotlines without Author's permission, will be pursued legally. The story is a fictional depiction. Any resemblance to any actual persons or organizations is purely coincidental.

1. The Lifestyle

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Seeking E...
by StellarStellaLeigh