Spoiled Rich Kid (H...
By Reese9191
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Where a spoiled rich kid slowly falls in love with someone he'd never expect Your typical cliche love story hehehe and I got a few inspirations from the kdrama series True Beauty Btw if ur wondering this has a happy ending but if u want to feel sad u can read the extended epilogue... ENJOY! This story is written from my imagination so if any part is the same in someone else's story it is completely coincidental. This book was just written for fun so I have no intention in offending anyone with this book. Please do not copy or repost my story. Also please vote if you like it!! Thank you and have fun reading!! ⚠️WARNING⚠️ -Slight swearing -slight abuse Started: February 14 2021 Finished: March 4 2021

Part 1 || school

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Spoiled R...
by Reese9191