Alters of Reality
By kathrynwarring_
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The Alters are a generation of kids dropped into a training camp to prepare for a war which may never happen. After sixteen years, Devon Pierce begins to grow suspicious of the cause she'd trained her entire life for. Determined for answers, she began looking into the Aldainian records only to uncover a secret which was meant to be buried for all eternity: the Alters weren't normal kids, they had the power to control the elements. With the help of her best friend Alea, Devon bands together a group of five kids with the task of knocking Queen Amryn and King Bhaltair from the pedestal that protected them for far too long. They include: Devon, an Alter of water; Alea, an Alter of air; Mei, an Alter of earth; Griffin, an Alter of fire; and Theo, an Alter of mind. Together they escape the society that had been confining them, but are quickly directed towards a bigger and more dangerous evil than ever before. Will they prevail victorious or die trying? *Feel free to leave your critiques, I would love to improve my work in every way that I can!* (this is only the first draft so certain details are undoubtably going to change)


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Alters of...
by kathrynwarring_