Nico meets the Aven...
By misakuron22
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Nico di Angelo already spent the summer in camp half blood, so when the letter asking if he wanted to stay for the winter came, he spent a lot of time pondering whether to leave or stay. He loved his boyfriend Will, who had told him that he was staying for the year, the campers needed him as their resident healer, and his relationship with his mother was not the best, so Will thought to stay at camp half blood. Nico wanted nothing more than to spend the chilly winter cuddled with his boyfriend to forget the cold. But... Nico didn't want to stay with the campers filled with loud ADHD minds. So he left, he never stayed in the underworld for winter, because it was even colder than it usually was in the summer, he never stayed at camp Jupiter in winter because he never wanted to burden Reyna, she was even busier in the winter than the summer. So... where would Nico go? TW THERE WILL BE SIGNS OF DEPRESSION


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Nico meet...
by misakuron22