"Is This Love...
By violetmalfoyy
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(Y/N) was the little sister of Natasha Romanoff. Yeah, THE Black Widow. That may seem super cool, but it wasn't so cool to her. Sure, (Y/N) loved Natasha with all her heart, but she was just a shadow. The little sister of an Avenger who has no way of ever besting a superhero. So (Y/N) set off to discover who she wanted to be, under her older sister's annoying influence, and met a long black-haired god named Loki, who may not seem so bad after all. Time Period: Set right after Avengers, the Stark tower was just rebuilt to become the Avengers' new headquarters. I know Bucky isn't supposed to be an Avenger yet, let alone known that he is actually alive, but let me add him to the story, please. He deserves the world. Also, Loki is being held prisoner at the Tower instead of Asgard so Thor can keep watch. Warning (I will add labels accordingly as the story goes on): Language, Sexual Activity Highest ranking as of June 2021: Top 500 in Loki :)

Author's Note - Before We Begin

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by violetmalfoyy