After the End
By _SterekTrash_
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After ten years, the apocalypse seems to have ended, but no one can figure how, or why. Dean Winchester and his brother, Sam, had been hiding out in their bunker since the apocalypse started, separated from their father, with nobody but each other. The monsters they used to hunt were nothing compared to the hoards of undead that kept them confined to their bunker. Since it all stopped, they're free to roam the earth again. On a supply run soon after the undead are gone, Dean runs into a stranger, Castiel. Traveling with him, his nephew, Jack. While Dean's general rule is to never trust anyone, he can't help but feel responsible for protecting these two, especially Cas. Intent on finding somewhere they can settle down and start to rebuild their lives, the four of them set off to find food, shelter, and a community to call home. What else is there to do after the end of the world?

Chapter One

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After the...
by _SterekTrash_