Family is forever...
By mafiawhoress
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"We'll always be together, because family is forever... right?" ~ Ellie lanes, an average 14-year-old girl, living with only her mother in the small town she calls home. Her life is not as regular as others; she has a talent for drawing, drawing is the only thing stopping her from thinking about past things. Having PTSD & anxiety hold her back from enjoying life; her service dog, Ace, always by her side, through breakdown to seizures. Up until she was 4, it was always her, her mother & her dad, until he left Ellie & her mother for another woman because, in his words, Ellie was a mistake & she isn't his daughter, his words leaving holes in Ellie hearts & pain in her body. But when Ellie's house catches fire, leaving her mother in a coma, with only a 5% chance of living, she is forced to leave everything she's ever known & move to Green-lake with the man who left her all those years ago... Her father. But her & his relationship past isn't the only problem. Moving in with him came with surprises, such as him having kids, not 1, not 2, but 8 of them, all boys, all but one, hating her to no end. The Kingston brothers all silently agree never to let their new sister in their life or their family. Will they ever realize the truth behind those's eyes? The way her cries can make them fall to their knees? Or will they continue to hate her until she can't take it anymore? Not to mention the boy she's slowly falling for.. but her family telling her to stay away from him may cause problems. Join Ellie as she battles her demons, along with her new brothers, who can't seem to love her any more than they hate her.


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Family is...
by mafiawhoress