Luscious Desire
By AngelikaD16
  • Romance
  • chicklit
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  • rrated
  • sweet
  • workromance


SNEAK PEAK! : We where in the board room as the meeting goes on When suddenly I felt his hands in my bare legs traveling its way up as I gasped through the sensation. It went straight to my now throbbing clit and putting right amount of pressure that makes me quiver in my seat and release a low controlled moan. I looked up at him and he was listening to our colleague reporting like nothing's happening.. I decided to focus on my breathing and fight against the pleasure He leaned to me and whisper "I told you I dont want to see him in your desk right ?" And thrusted his middle finger inside me and bit my lip to stop the moans that Im making "Right ?!" As he pushed another finger. Harder. "Ahh.. I .. I dont .." I whispered. He cupped my sex and went faster " Dont you think you deserve some punishment?!" his fingers went harder with the syllables of his last word. Not realizing I made a loud groan I heard my boss " Ms. Lopez is everything alright ?!" *** Enjoy!! ~Angelika


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by AngelikaD16