My YouTube Prince (...
By Zeemzie
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"This is from Jessheart12. She said 'you guys definitely have feelings for each other'" he read out. "Is that it?" I asked with raised brows "Yeah" he nodded "Well, despite what some of you might think. We're just friends" I waved my finger back and forth between us. "Only friends, nothing more. Right?" I looked at him for affirmation but instead he was staring at me with a longing look on his face that took me off guard. He quickly snapped out of the daze and turned to the camera. "Uhm, yeah... Of course, we're just friends" "I mean, she's not even my type. No offense though" he said and let out an awkward laugh He didn't sound very convincing to me and I felt like the last part was unnecessary but I shrugged it off and joined in the awkward laughter. "Next, please" I called out ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He's a rich, London-based Nigerian Singer. She's a working class university student. He's the life of every party; handsome, fun, charismatic but has some douchebag tendencies. She's simple, gentle, loving and a tad bit spontaneous She's a religious christian and he's an audio Christian He's her boss's son She's his maid They don't see eye to eye on most circumstances and blow hot and cold at each other but with a little help from YOUTUBE and overzealous fans, sparks might actually begin to fly.

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My YouTub...
by Zeemzie