The glitch smp(Hiat...
By Kizushite
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This is kinda like the dream SMP but I got my own no I do not have one irl even though I'd love too💜 Also there will be DreamSMP X Me because ye :) And I also might consider a Dream x Reader or recommend some since I will be busy with school and ✨SOCIAL ANXIETY✨ Also this will probably be slow updates or whenever I have energy and its not 2am or 4am wanting to go downstairs and make myself tea and have a irl bf/gf or just in a relationship or having friends to cuddle with💜 Also none of the pictures here are mine neither are the people even though they be lookin fine👀 Also if any or ANYONE from the Original Smp and the irl people from here find this and are not comfortable I am 100% going to change and customize my own characters so Noone feels used.


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The glitc...
by Kizushite