High In Pursuit
By nia948
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • cunningandslyvillain
  • friendship
  • hotbloodedmc
  • love
  • mystery
  • naivemc
  • passionatemc
  • possessivevillain
  • supernatural
  • system
  • tragedy
  • transmigration
  • world-hopping


Ryan, an outstanding police officer with the highest criminal arrest rate in the city. He is kind toward the innocent, but cruel and violent to the criminal. There are no pity for those whose oppressed the weak. This is a typical system and transmigration story, but rather than meet truck-san, he is killed by a serial killer he chased for years. Join his journey on world-hopping with System 398 in order to resurrect back into his original world and catches the serial killer. Well, due to his luck anyway, he meet his killer's reincarnation in every worlds he went, continuing a game of cat and mouse. "Change the cannon Fodder's fates? Whose care! As long as I can catch him by my own hands, I'll even become the devil himself!" [What a rotten luck, I got a rather peculiar host this time -sigh- Host! You need to finish your main missions at least! Grab some points!]

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High In P...
by nia948