Rebirth Of Posinous...
By Rezioj27
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Author:Yan Ruo Elegant Status: Complete Status in COO: 551 Chapters Link : The rebirth of the poisoned queen is as cold as an immortal, beautiful like a jade, but extremely cruel to the enemy, with the name of evil star, Pei Yuanxun, the king of Qingping who killed his whole family in his childhood, is handsome and unruly, unruly, But he holds a hundred thousand iron armored guards, cold-blooded, ruthless, a evil star, a lone star of destiny, who is afraid that only God knows. "Congratulations to the prince, the princess is Ximai. It has been almost two months." The imperial doctor who requested the pulse smiled with chrysanthemum folds on his old face, and Pei Yuanyu stared at him and slowly touched his cold stomach, feeling the inside slowly. Wriggling, he retracted his hand in fright. "Cool and Liang··The child moved!" Pei Yuanxie stammered in exclamation, her phoenix eyes widened and she was unable to lift her forehead, and her face was expressionless: "Your baby moves after two months of pregnancy? I'm hungry." "Puff haha..." "..." Everyone smiled, Pei Yuanxun expressed his grievance, he had never given birth to a child, and Liang Rang didn't love him anymore. •••• ✷ PLS DON'T REPORT. ✷OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY ,NOT MINE.if u have any problem with novel u can PM me .DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ. ✷IMAGE cover is NOT MINE. ✷ Beaware of GRAMMATICAL MISTAKES.

Chapter 1

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Rebirth O...
by Rezioj27