Out of breath (Wilb...
By webbie_
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"what if I wasn't messing around." I pulled away and continued walking , he joined me , "look Wilbur as enticing as it sounds I can't just leave everything behind and start anew." Wilbur scoffed "but Arrie the thing is you can!" Aria never left her home town, but what happens when she reconnects with a childhood friend who's travelling around the country, with the promise of freedom? Edit: I wrote this story back before the band love joy was created, so i have made up my own band and members. I don't plan on changing this story because i am quite happy with it so, if you like you can imagine that they are members of love joy. TW// Vomiting smoking abuse drug abuse these will be placed at the beginning of the chapters accordingly.


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Out of br...
by webbie_