My Mafia Stepbrothe...
By btsyoongi_12
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Her life wasn't at track from the beginning. Her life lost it's balance, and fell into a deep dark hole, which wasn't for a girl like her. Everything started when her mother married a rich businesseman, who turned out to be the 'Mafia KING'. He had 7 demons in disguise of human, who turned out to be her 'STEPBROTHERS'. When she thought everything's back on track, a storm rose, making it more miserable than ever. Love Hate Betrayal Revenge Mystery Secrets WAR! How's she gonna face them? Will she be able to cop up with those? Will the secrets be revealed? Or the war will DESTROY EVERYTHING? Read more to find out! Note: There's NO romance between BTS and HER. It's just a brother sis tale. And this story is different from the others! 😉 WARNING: Some uncomfortable part ahead. Read if u r comfortable! Highest ranking: #1 in BULLETPROOFBOYSCOUTS #1 in sehun #1 in thrilling #1 in btsstepbrothers #2 in btsarmy #2 in btsmafia #2 in btsjungkook #2 in mafiastepbrothers #5 in bangtan #6 in suga #6 in jhope #7 in btsff #7 in btsfanfic #9 in suga #16 in btsboys #19 in mafia #19 in bts among 296k stories #40 in fanfiction among 1.02M stories


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My Mafia...
by btsyoongi_12