Folketoft Street
By Omo_Soks
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(Under Editing) When Alex and Ben's father dies, illusions and protections start to wear away and secrets start to get revealed. They find that prodigies live in secret, advanced societies all over the world. In this place, magic is a part of their culture, mythology is a fact, and world peace is no longer a dream. Why would anyone leave? When they get thrown into a mystery with their roommates, secrets of this prodigy utopia start to fall at the seams. Who exactly is Frederick Miller, that everyone seems to want to keep him a secret? Who keeps sending them letters with riddles and clues, and how does he know so much about them? Why is everyone on Folketoft Street so paranoid? And why is their father the center of all of this? With torn history textbooks, Burnt cassette tapes, hidden records, labyrinths, and targeted disappearances. It seems the safest place on earth doesn't feel that safe anymore. Cover Done by: @LucidDream99 Awards: 🥈 2nd place in the Aquarius Awards (Mystery/ thriller)

Chapter 1 - A Glass Headstone

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by Omo_Soks