Infamous Last Words...
By bigfivedonaldduckfan
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~ONC honorable mention~ ~ONC round 1 ambassador pick~ ~Featured on StoriesUndiscovered~ ~Featured on WattpadDarkFantasy~ ~Featured on BadassReads~ ~Featured on 'the best action and adventure' reading list by the Ambassadors profile~ When your boss shows up angry at your door, you know your day is going to suck. When said boss happens to be the local crime lord, it's going to suck even more. And when an omen of death comes to pay you a visit as well, your morning is officially the suckiest. Jack isn't having a very good day. At least the problem with the angry boss can be fixed: to prove his worth and pay back debts, Jack agrees to help her find a valuable treasure in a cursed swamp infested with danger. Death, however, looms over him. Can he find a way to cheat his way out of losing his life? ~~ Written for ONC IV.

Chapter 1: Unwanted visitors

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by bigfivedonaldduckfan