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By 11037_simp_
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How should I start... hmmm Hello there I am 11037_simp_ this is a book about SAIOUMA/OUMASAI a ship of Dangaronpa V3 killing harmony. This story is not in the killing game so 🐝 chill ☻︎ This story will take place in a mafia/organization/criminal,Detective AU/Alternative Universe. ⚠️WARNING ⚠️(because why not?) -To make it clear if a chapter contains some thing of this list y Might(if I remember) will pout a warning, some things of this list will not appear so be happy if they aren't in it:)- 1-Violence 2-smut/18+ content 3-abuse 4-bad words 5-mention of sex or sexual content 7-dead? 8-bad writing 9-lol idk 🤷 Now that you know that Let's continue. English is not my first language so some things are going to be bad written. If you have any ideas, or some thing to say remember to leave a comment or text me in privet :). Now let's get started


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A little...
by 11037_simp_