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By pogi_ea
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Where Kim Dahyun a young and successful business man who owns billions of companies around the world. and a daddy.. Kim Dahyun is a 22 years old young cold hearted man. Everyone agrees that he's a hot looking CEO, be all girls type. Rich, feminine, smells expensive, hot and pale. But nobody knows. Indeed he has billions of dollars. But little did they know... Sluts too. He sleeps with all the girls he wants to without anybody knowing except for his best friend chaeyoung. Hiring them as his personal assistant but also devouring them at night if he wants to. He had a lot of them but none last a week. They only want him for his money anyways. He gets tired at them quickly and just kick them out. He only needed them for lust and desires, and not love... But little did he know.. one will make him change his mind and him self also. no shaneys allowed 💁 - contains mature scenes - gender bender - tophyun (please if you don't like this kind of genres don't read:>>) Read at your own risk:)) [M]


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CEO kim [...
by pogi_ea