Resisting The LOVE
By NandiniBlink
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"So what do you Think" I looked at him Confusingly. He stepped closer, his 'Ocean Blue Eyes' piercing my SOUL. And before I knew his lips were touching My ears. "ABOUT US" He whispered and a Shriver run down my spin. I looked at him Dumb founded. Didn't know how to React at his sudden 'Question Mark' which was More like a 'Statement'. "What??" That's all I could mutter. "U heard Me" he smirked and Back off. "I know....." scratched the Back of his Neck. "But just Think about it Ella." He said before leaving. And I was Standing there in Complete 'SHOCK'. ~~~~ "Elsa Laurence" Not your typical girl. She isn't a 'Striking' but Stubborn and a simple 'Human'. Who Loves her Freedom and Simple Life. She is a Hopeless Romantic character, who's Never been in Love. In short, being in love is a least thing she wanted to have. Meet "Zack Williams" or Mr. Popular. College Star, Egotistic, Cool, Charming. Not a 'Badboy' but Arrogant. Who doesn't seems Interested in 'Anyone' but 'Himself'. So, What happens when they Bump into Each other and Zack immediately fall in Love with her. What will Heppen when these too Cross their Paths and her 'Childhood friend' Decides to show up who once have Abandoned her. And after that she determined to never Trust anyone Again....Will Zack be her True Love? Will she give him a Chance to know he's 'Different'. Will She Accept his love or.... Resist it! •••••• [ WARNING! This story is an 'Original' work, my Ideas. Pls don't steal it. I do not 'Own' any images or videos in this Story. ] Cover Made by @Beware_MadnessAF


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by NandiniBlink