The Red Queen
By SelenaGrey916
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Selena Grey, the daughter of Terra Roman Mother of the Earth. Selena has fallen into Tartarus-The Primordial Pit-for gods know how long. However the pit isn't what she expected it to be. She didn't expect there to be 7 kingdom's deep within the pit in the underworld. Read about how she went from being a survivor to a warrior to a leader, how she commands her own army's and conquers the 7 kingdoms of Tartarus. I am not Rick Riordan so don't sue me. This is a fanfic. Everything belongs to him except Selena she's my oc,as well as a few characters I will be introducing, oh and the whole 7 kingdom's in Tartarus yea that's my idea, there's also I little game of thrones bc I also used Daenerys as Inspiration for Selena, enjoy! ~preview~ Percy gulped as he and Annabeth were by the gaurds to large red double doors. They were here. Before he and Annabeth fell into Tartarus and Percy made Nico lead the ArgoII crew to the house of hades, Nico had told Percy to look for The Red Queen. Apparently she was their only chance at making it through Tartarus. That wasn't why he was nervous though, neither the fact that the guards had their spears digging into their backs, but about what Damasan told Annabeth and him. Selena, his friend from many years back apparently made a name and reputation for herself. The doors groaned loudly as they were opened by the guards. His heart sped up and he grasped Annabeths hand in a tight grip. He could feel the slight shake in their grip. She was just as scared as he was. They weren't allowed to speak so he settled with giving her hand a reassuring squeeze as they were pushed forward until they were about ten feet from the large stone stairs that led to a throne. The Vibrant red eyes of the queen met percys gaze. Black wavy hair cascaded down to her waist. A black crown filled with rubies rested atop her head. She adorned a red dress embroidered with black stones. The room was tense. Percy needed to convince her to join him in the Giant War. ~

Into the darkness

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The Red Q...
by SelenaGrey916