Blind Instincts
By _Serza
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*COMPLETED* My head bowed in a heavy mannor, not in respect, but in trepidation. I discern his unwavering gaze over my ill silhouette. "Look at me." I opened my eyes, though it made no difference. Black is still black, all I am left with are my four senses. He will kill me if I don't look. He will kill me if I do. He will look into my sightless eyes and see my futile existence isn't worth living. He will kill me, and he will be doing the pack a justice by it. He growls a low, throaty snarl to warn me about disobeying an alpha. There will be consequences, we both know that. His lingering growls let me know he is not going to allow me to contravene his word. I steadily inch my head upwards, visibly shaking everywhere else. Maybe he won't notice my depthless eyes from across the gazebo. My life depends on it. "You're blind." ~ Monet was born into a particularly prestigious area of her wolf pack, to parents of extremely high standards. Her legacy is to become the packs next healer, but when she was born completely devoid of melanin, all her mated parents saw was a disappointment. Being born an albino wolf pup meant a lot for Monet, but it mostly meant her condition had taken her eyesight along with it. What happens when Monet meets the Alpha of a neighboring pack? Will he accept her for what she is? ~CONTENT WARNING~ This book contains depictions of physical abuse, foul language, and upsetting scenary. This book is in no way, shape, or form glorifying domestic abuse of a parent or partner. This book is intended for individuals who feel at odds with their self due to their uniqueness. It is meant to shine light on those who differ from the majority; conquering, and overcoming those who lessen them for what makes them special. ~ Word count at completion date: 33,915 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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Blind Ins...
by _Serza