Only Human
By MidnightGalxXx
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"No one, and I mean no one comes between an Alpha and what is his. Especially his children," He voiced softly. His words were laced with a rumbling from his chest that I now knew was a growl. "I am. They are my sons, not yours," I hissed back despite the tremor that was shaking my hands. Swallowing, I backed up as he eased closer. He eyed me, dragging his gaze over my body before his lips quirked. Advancing, he pressed his hands against the wall on either side of my head and leant down. I gasped, my cheek tingling from the sensation of his stubble brushing against my skin as his lips brushed my ear. "Your sons are my sons. Everything I touch is mine. This house, this room, all that is in it," he whispered, his breath fanning against my jaw as he moved so those ice blue eyes captured mine. "From now on, you will call me Alpha." *** Alyssa Davis never imagined she would become pregnant at 17. She never thought she would have two beautiful sons resulting from a one-night stand with a stranger. Now five years have past and Alyssa is happily raising her sons alone. Until their fifth birthday. Unexpectedly coming down with an unknown illness, Alyssa is forced to find the father of her children, as he is her only help of saving them. Dean Michaels is one of the five Alpha's of the Alliance, working together to combat the growing threat to the Lycan Alliance. The last thing he needs is a human girl storming into his office and claiming to have his children, both of whom mysteriously vanish from the hospital. Now they must work together to find their sons before it's too late.

Dreaming of the Past

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Only Human
by MidnightGalxXx