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Spoiler alert this book contains spoilers from the real anime just to let you know. What if Minato and Kushina survived the Nine Tails Attack? What if The Third Hokage is the one who does the seal and seals the nine tails tails chakra into Misha, Naruto's Twin sister and the soul into Naruto? What if they neglected and abused Naruto for Misha? What if the villagers beat him because of the Nine Tails and praises Misha for being there "Hero"? What if Naruto meets the Nine Tails who is actually nice and his name is Kurama. What if Kurama explains why he is neglected and abused and that when he attacked the village because he was controled by the masked man? What if everyone at the village hates Naruto? What if what ifs were true? This is the story of naruto and how his sad life got turned upside down. Btw I will probably do this soon just so you know Also I do not own Naruto or One Piece and I got inspired by by people who made One-piece and Naruto Crossovers so shout out to them. This is mature because of bloody stuff, neglect, and some abuse. Highest rankings Nami 93🎖️ 4/18/2021 Highest rankings Nami 88 🎖️4/24/2021 Highest Ranking VinsmokeSanji #3 🎖️ 6/30/2021

Enter Naruto Uzikaze

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Naruto An...
by NarutoLover242