Country Spirit
By conleyswifey
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Sara Conner a small town woman whose husband died one year before is raising their three children while working and living with her late husband's parents. Life is hard and it's a struggle to make ends meet. She loves writing stories about epic romances in those quiet moments after her children have fallen asleep though she believes her chance at love died with her husband-what man would want an overweight, nearly thirty year old woman, who wore callouses on her feet at a diner and callouses on her hands working at home? What kind of man would want to saddle himself with a widow that had three children all under the age of ten? A woman who was still very much in love with the husband who was buried on the outskirts of town and had no idea how to let him go? The answer was simple in her mind-no man would. Country Music superstar Cade Cole likes his fast paced lifestyle. Never sleeping in the same town more than a couple of nights and all the free beer (and women) a man could ever want. He loves hearing people scream his name and having women fawning all over him. What man wouldn't?? But that life leads to trouble and Cade finds himself caught up in a mess of his own making. He goes home to take cover a while and, as a favor to a family friend (and under strict orders from his mama), he agrees to play a few small town festivals. It is in one of those small country towns that his life is changed forever. Can a small town widow woman get over her past and give her heart to another man? And what happens when our freedom loving man learns that she comes with three children? Join me as I tell this tale of healing, trust, growth, change and romance to find out.

Prologue: Two Different Lives

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Country S...
by conleyswifey