When Lemon Meets Sm...
By sammyforprez
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Adelaide Elizabeth Tanelter in three words is clever, loyal, and intriguing. A pureblood witch that rejected her parent's views, believing blood status has no bearing on worthiness. Right off the bat on her first day of Hogwarts, she befriended a certain group of boys, resulting in being dubbed the fifth and only female marauder. After her parents disowned her during her third year, she was taken in by the Potters leaving her with, for the first time, a truly loving family. Everything was in perfect harmony, but nothing stays perfect forever. * Going into her sixth year Adelaide has a lot on her plate. Dealing with James Potter's oftentimes painful obsession with her best friend and his crazy quidditch schedule. Making sure Remus Lupin stays sane and always has a solid stash of chocolate. Preventing Lily Evans from killing James as he very publicly confesses his love to her every Wednesday at breakfast. Keeping Peter Pettigrew from feeling anything less than appreciated. Trying to get Marlene McKinnon to keep her mouth shut for once in her life. All while trying to figure out why her feelings for her best friend, Sirius Black, have suddenly changed. * Sirius Orion Black has a very poorly kept secret. He is in love with his best friend and has been since he was twelve years old. The whole school is aware of the eldest Black's obvious crush on his short Gryffindor companion, except for the girl herself. After spending the past five years hiding his feelings, will he finally get the girl, or is it just not meant to be? Sirius Black x Female OC All characters are credited to JKR (even tho we don't stan) except my original characters such. #1 harry potter 3/18/21 #1 sirius black 3/18/21 #1 peter pettigrew 4/25/21-5/21/21 #1 regulus black 4/25/21 #1 lily evans 5/4/21 #1 james potter 5/10/21 #1 friends to lovers 5/26/21 #1 marauders 6/17/21 #1 moony 9/14/21 #1 prongs 10/5/21-11/17/21 #1 quidditch 1/5/22 #1 marlene mckinnon 2/23/22


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When Lemo...
by sammyforprez