Looking Beyond The...
By depressedzest
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Four guys are college seniors that have been assigned a dorm together. They don't know each other, merely knowing of their existence. Four very different people who hate each other at first, however, they hate each other's masks, the front they put up. But, slowly, they reveal who they really are as people, and then...friendships form and perhaps something a little more along the way. Oikawa Tooru: the cocky pretty boy who's a closeted insecure nerd. Iwaizumi Hajime: the moody jock who doesn't know how to express himself. Matsukawa Issei: the chill stoner with trauma. Hanamaki Takahiro: the sarcastic art major who's barely getting by. Being a college senior is hard, living with people you don't know is even harder. But...maybe...it isn't that bad. Art on the cover and in the story is not mine. Credits to the artists. Started: 27/01/2021 Finished: ? 1st in #matsuhanaiwaoi: 2/05/2021

Chapter 1

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Looking B...
by depressedzest