A Taste of You : Th...
By StellarStellaLeigh
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***COMPLETED STORY*** (sequel to A Taste of You) (spinoff from Freestyle) Rory and Lucas are building a life in Washington State. A chance business venture has Lucas on a new pathway and working hard to live up to his potential, independent of his family's money and influence. Through Lucas's work at the vineyard, he befriends Alise Garcetti, famous restaurateur and chef. She is expanding her reach, opening a new restaurant and teaching at a cooking school. Her husband, Ethan, feels increasingly left out of her plans as Alise stretches herself to have it all. A new arrival at the ballpark is wrecking havoc on his zen there. With trouble at home and at work, he clings to his vision of the future, but doubts Alise's commitment. This sequel focuses on the compromises couples make as they negotiate changing circumstances amidst the fragility and strength of love. The supporting cast of characters provide respite for the sometimes painful, sometimes joyful journey of two beloved couples finding their way. (C) Copyright 2021 - Stella Leigh. The author reserves all intellectual property and moral rights over this work. Violations, including copying or adapting characters or plotlines without Author's permission, will be pursued legally. The story is a fictional depiction. Any resemblance to any actual persons or organizations is purely coincidental.

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A Taste o...
by StellarStellaLeigh