The Nerd Undercover...
By Dreamerfeverxo
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This is the Sequel to The Nerds Secret! Please read that before you read this book as you may find various situations in the book confusing! My name is Olivia Evans and from the age of 7 on-wards me and my two best friends, Charlie Brooks and Jordan Miller have had a dream, a dream to become a spy. Our dreams came true because at the age of 7 Charlie and Jordan's mother (not blood related) gave up her job as leader of SIO and passed it down to us three. The SIO is the Secret, Intelligence, Organisation and from the age of seven on-wards all three of us were taught ,more than 8 languages, highly trained in tae kwon do, karate, mixed martial arts and judo. It might seem a bit crazy but we also learnt to shoot a gun, throw a knife, disarm a bomb and track anyone or anything. Now we are the three best agents in the United States of America and we have been set a mission. But this mission is not any old mission. This very Mission determines whether we are really ready or not to become Superiors (A.K.A: Leaders of the Spy service). And on this mission I will come across many obstacles. Love, guilt, secrets and lies. My agility will be tested to its limit but most importantly I will be going undercover... In a high school... As a nerd... (This Story Contains Triggering. Please do not read if this affects you.)

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The Nerd...
by Dreamerfeverxo