Hidden Fate (Levi x...
By missmawii
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"I can't stand a lot of people, but I can tolerate you." - Levi Ackerman Ever since my father and brother's death, I have been determined to join the Survey Corps to follow in my father's footsteps. Their deaths are my motivation to start working my way up in hopes of becoming the commander. Little did I know, a mysterious, yet short male, would be my biggest competitor. Levi Ackerman. A guy who constantly belittles me. My main goal is to surpass his rank and fight for humanity along with some fun flirting with my comrades on the side. Every male except for Levi. A sudden confession from my nemesis leaves me speechless. Will I still be able to become commander? Or will I get distracted by a certain boy? *Note: I did not make the Attack on Titan series. I just created and added my own plot and characters. Ownership goes to Hajime Isayama!* Book Cover Fanart: Unknown (I only added and drew Y/N but I didn't draw Levi)


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Hidden Fa...
by missmawii