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By HazeltheAngel1
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Vanessa Paige Wilson has always known she was special. Anyone who see's and attracts monsters is special, but someone who see's and attracts monsters with the power to manipulate light? Well, they get special attention from the monsters they see. Vanessa was 7 when she was abandoned by her mother in a alley in New Jersey. She was found by three demigods and was eventually taken to Camp Half Blood and was claimed by Apollo, god of, well a lot of things, but the most important one to her was light. She's spent the past 5 year hoping and praying to all the gods she knows for a quest. When Percy Jackson comes to camp, she finally gets her chance. Percy never thought he was important. He was always labeled as "the bad kid." Being ADHD, dyslexic, and thrown out of every school he attends definitely doesn't help matter. When he makes it to Camp Half-Blood, he finds out he's one of the most important demigods alive. He has to lead a quest to stop a civil war, save his dads butt, and get his mom back. It doesn't help that one of his quest members doesn't like him and make him feel like an idiot every ten minutes. Will Vanessa and Percy be able to get along long enough to survive, or destroy themselves, their quest, and practically the whole world when they strangle each other? ( percy jackson x OC fanfiction)


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by HazeltheAngel1