Fighting with Phant...
By JamesVick6
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We know who our enemies are, we know how they fight. Now it's up to us to hit them where they're weak and strike their heart before any more damage is to come to this world. - Vide After the events of Two Scars, the team is ready to bring the fight to The White Mask. Damien is still on edge from his time with them as a captive. With Tina by his side, he's becoming more comfortable with his surroundings once again. A small voice in the back of his head gets to him at night telling him that everyone he cares about is in danger. After the raid in Ireland, he's thought more about the teams' next move. It's been almost a month without any action as the team has been indecisive about where to attack first. Often unsure about if they should go after Dylan first or take out the small outposts scattered across Europe and North Africa. Tina has woken up many nights to find the bed empty. Mike has taken notice of Damiens absence at the last meetings and has talked to Gustave about having his mental state evaluated. The teams making their final push to wiping out the world's greatest terror. Harry has his trust put into the team's success and the world's leaders are watching. Now it's time for Damien to challenge his inner demons and end this fight once and for all.


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by JamesVick6