Wings Of Fire; Thor...
By Some_Person5
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Friend, or Foe? If there was a single thing Radiant didn't hate, it wouldn't have existed for long before being snatched away from her. Radiant never had it good growing up in Wasp Hive; the terrible teachers and the looming threat of a tyrannical queen being the main factors of course. Radiant has always known that HiveWings were evil and her tribe was practically useless to both her or to stop Wasp. It was beginning to seem as though she'd never find anything positive to say about life. That would've been until she would be bought by a rich HiveWing in Hornet Hive. A 'Duke', if you will. A well mannered HiveWing who treats Radiant with... Respect? Kindness? Is it all a trick set up by Wasp herself to confess her blasphemy to this puppet, or is this dragon really sincere to her? And if so, will she care for him enough to return back to her worst nightmare, her home? (Credit to AaronCyanShades for the cover art and credit to Joy Ang.)


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Wings Of...
by Some_Person5