Never & Forever
By daisyclouds89
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Two people - broken in their own way - collide. Francesca's life was completely normal up to a couple months ago. Ethan's never known normality. Two people. Carrying a massive weight of secrets. Only time will take for their barriers to break and their walls to fall. Mature content throughout: PTSD, Language, sexual themes, smut, drugs and alcohol. - - - ~ teaser from chapter 23: ~ My insides are begging for me to let go, and I don't think I can hold no longer, but for my own dignity, I do, trying to push it down. It's too soon, embarrassingly soon. "Don't you fucking dare." His voice is hard, demeaning, and that alone makes my insides tighten further. The pressure becoming unbearable. Ethan's hand grabs my wet hair, twirling it around his hand before he pulls me up by it, and I wince slightly before sighing as my back hits his chest, his cock still buried into me. He palms my breasts, my nipples hardening further, and he rolls my right one between his fingers before pinching it, and I whine at the feeling. Dickhead. "Cum for me right now, Francesca, or else."

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Never &am...
by daisyclouds89